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  1. Legacy
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Guitars and Vocals: Gery Tinkelenberg
Drums: Daria Johnson
Bass: Jeremy Allen

Written by Gery Tinkelenberg
Produced by Gery Tinkelenberg & Jeremy Allen
Engineered and mixed by Jeremy Allen
Mastered by Ken Lee Mastering
Recorded at Musiquito Productions, Oakland, CA


I’ll be coming home to you
These words I long to say to you
I’ll be waking up to you
This want of mine has been too long
But then I hear his name and I see his face
And I know your place
So many years it’s been
I can’t win this race
So I know my place

Baby I have tried to be all of the things that you need
But there’s too much history
For me to fight and all your fears
And then I feel the shame of one who lets himself way down
And then there’s all the pain
That I have to face when I know my place

Baby do you understand
Why I must break this spell of yours?
I have struggled way too long too overcome
This legacy that’s been laid down on me
So many tears
So many years
Long ago I made this vow
That it stops with me
I deny my place