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  1. Crucify
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Guitars and Vocals: Gery Tinkelenberg
Drums: Daria Johnson
Bass: Jeremy Allen

Written by Gery Tinkelenberg
Produced by Gery Tinkelenberg & Jeremy Allen
Engineered and mixed by Jeremy Allen
Mastered by Ken Lee Mastering
Recorded at Musiquito Productions, Oakland, CA


People say I don’t know what I’m talking about
They say the sky is falling down on me
Hey you, there’s no need to worry it will all work out
Our lives are in the hands of people that are led by God

But no, I don’t believe in what you say to me, no
Just look around you with your eyes open wide
Tell me how can you not see this great divide
And you forever waiting for your Christ
You will crucify him when he comes

I know you’re down but things are going to change for you
Find a girl, settle down and have a family
Hey, hey, don’t you know the joy and peace a union brings?
It’s true there’s a match for everyone and you too

What if I were to tell you I don’t want a woman
What if I told you that I shared my bed with him?
I know you’d turn your back and you would leave me, oh
You see your Jesus won’t acknowledge me

But my Jesus will, cause he loves me

You will crucify him once again