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  1. Just Love
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Guitars and Vocals: Gery Tinkelenberg
Drums: Daria Johnson
Bass: Jeremy Allen
Keyboard arrangements: Jeremy Allen

Written by Gery Tinkelenberg
Produced by Gery Tinkelenberg & Jeremy Allen
Engineered and mixed by Jeremy Allen
Mastered by Ken Lee Mastering
Recorded at Musiquito Productions, Oakland, CA


Every morning when I look into, oh, your waking eyes
I can feel that I will be a force, yeh, undoubtedly
Inspiration that I feel, so strong it feels unreal
Is it you or is it me
Does it matter? Oh no, no
It's just love

I know at times like this we wonder why, why it came to us
The universe will open up it's doors when things are right
I don't know, where this will go
Nor do I care
Our commitment is to this world
And it's just so very fair
It's just love

When I'm with you I know that everything
Is just the way it's meant to be
If it leaves me I know it's just the way
This world changes to another day