From the album Old MAN

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Guitars and Vocals: Gery Tinkelenberg
Acoustic and Electric Bass: Aaron Germain
Drums: Otto Huber
Background Vocals: Lisa Krepela

Written by Gery Tinkelenberg
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Justin Weis of Trakworx,
South San Francisco, CA.


When you smile, I know just what you want
And who you want it from
When you cry, I feel like making love
In a thousand ways
I care for you baby
But I wanna make one thing clear
I could never love you

On my mind, the wetness that is you
And how it feels on me
In my arms, I feel your shaking body
We're in ecstasy
I'm there for you baby
When no one else is around
But I will never love you

Oh baby, try to understand
I've been alone for way too long
I will never change my ways for you
No matter what you try to say
No matter what you do